No Holes Seat Bolt Mount For Motorola MotoTRBO XPR-4000 and XPR5000 And XTL Remote Heads

  • $99.95

If you have a vehicle that you need to mount a TRBO mobile into, and you really  don't or are not allowed to get out the drill and put holes in the vehicle, here is your solution. This mount attaches to the bolt securing the seat or any bolt that is available. Simple loosen the bolt, slide the bracket under the bolt and tighten. The mount is a 

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Seat Rail Mounting Pedestal with 22” Adjustable Arm. 

You will need the remote head mounting separation kit for your MotoTRBO, the remote head bracket will attach to the included extension plate. Our plate comes with the Microphone plate attached to the extension plate so your microphone will have a home as well.

We do offer dealer programs to two way radio dealers. Please give us a call or e-mail us for information and discount structure.

Please note this offer is for the mount only, the two way radio, Motorola remote head bracket, and microphone  in this photo is not included.